Lore Brewing (Danville, KY)

UPDATE: LORE IS NOW CLOSED. Lore Brewing Co. was founded in 2011 by Lee and Ashley Rossman, with the philosophy that great craft beer doesn’t have to be overcomplicated and can be made accessible to everyone.  After many years of successfully brewing great beer at home, they decided to make the leap into commercial brewing.  When the city of Danville, KY ended outdated prohibitionist laws in 2010, the planning had begun to establish a small, local brewery to provide central Kentucky with options for great beer that weren’t previously available.  The Lore Brewing Co. Homebrew Supply store was also established to allow Danville to experience a whole world of beer without ever leaving town.  With the grand opening of the supply store on May 17th, 2011, central Kentucky residents can now stand up and decide what they want, rather than relying on a distribution network that is monopolized by big brewers.

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