Saint Sours Day

IMG_2175Pucker up Louisville, Holy Grale brings us the 4th annual St. Sours Day and it did not disappoint.  How can you pass up any list with Cantillon, tack on a slew of sours from other great breweries from around the globe… I definitely couldn’t.  After a morning filled with mundane homework I ventured to the glorious Grale in search of a sour beer that could quench my thirst.  Walking in, I knew what to expect, many other familiar offenders seen around town all frothing at the mouths the second this spectacle of a tap list hit their corneas.  I was met with a long line at the counter downstairs, but Grale veterans should know the staff here is not only knowledgeable but extremely efficient.  The line was cut down in no time and I was staring at two delicious beverages in my right and left hand as I found the closest thing to an open area.

Of course I had to get a good base down to start the day with a Cantillon Gueze.  Easily one of the best lambics i’ve ever had, it was definitely a great way to start my sour journey.  I followed that up with another lambic from Elgoods brewery out of the UK, this was their second coolship variation.  Oaky and acetic throughout, another great lambic to keep the sour train rollin’.  After I downed the first two offerings I was back for the rest of the Cantillon on the board.  Fou Foune and Rose de Gambrinus did not disappoint to say the least.  Fou Foune drank like a light/tropical sour with notes of peach and pineapple, clean finish.  Rose de Gambrinus was a great marriage of strong raspberry notes like blushing monk from founders coupled with a wild earthiness found in open air fermentation.

Naturally I couldn’t leave with a clear conscious if I hadn’t checked what was happening in the choir loft.  I proceeded upstairs expecting to be bombarded again by a horde of people like before but was pleasantly surprised by a few open seats at the bar (the benefits of going stag to a craft beer event is that bar seats are often available.)  After feeling my oats i sat down for a night cap and the best dam beer cheese/pretzel combo in town.  I asked the friendly barkeep for a Hanssens Scarenbecca, a tart cherry kriek that drank very well and had a nice leathery funk.

All in all a great event (that I will be attending again).  Leave it to the Holy Grale to pull out all of the heavy hitters to send us into shock for the holiday season.  Cheers!