Dog Gone Good Beer

The L.A.G.E.R.S. HOMEBREW CLUB and Apocalypse Brew Works have collaborated once again to bring you the annual YAPPY HOUR. All types of beers brewed by all types of people to benefit all types of dogs (and even some cats).  You won’t find a wider variety of quality, malted beverages in town.  Sample the beers from the beer list below crafted just for this event by local home brewers.  Proceeds benefit the Kentucky Humane Society.  Event starts at 5:00 pm Friday, September 18. Quantities are limited. Warning: Consuming multiple beers will make every dog look like a purebred.

Black Lab Black IPA.  Black IPA with a healthy amount of Centennial and Simcoe hops. 5.6% ABV & 80 IBU. Brewed by Rob Robertson.

Black Hound Agave IPA.  American hops, Mexican agave nectar and a hint of roast.  It’s a loud bark but an easy bite.  57 IBU.  6% ABV.  Brewed by Sean Spaulding and Jeff Thornton.

Milk & Honey.   An English pale ale, with both lactose (milk sugar) and honey added.   The promised land in a glass.  30 IBUs.  Abv 6%.   Brewed by Chuck Harp.

Chocolate Lab Milk Stout.  A creamy smooth stout with a hint of chocolate to make this beer something outstanding. Brewed by Loren Prizant, Scott Stinebruner, Ben Lowry.

Hefe-WOW-zen. German Hefeweizen with banana and clove notes.  Split between Wyeast 3068 (major banana) and White Labs Hefe IV (clove and spice) to created a more balanced hefe.  Did not know Hop IBU, so it is a little big for style.  Enjoy! SRM=4; 5.1% ABV; IBU=25?.  Brewed by Graig Gardone

White Mammoth IPA. White IPA that is slightly hoppy with a hint of coriander and orange peel.  6.05% ABV and 46 IBU.  Brewed by Michael Downs and David Cecil.

Cute Puppy Pumpkin Ale.  Old English Ale with biscuit, bread, spices and a touch of pumpkin to compliment any cute puppy. 4.5% ABV. Brewed by Henry Hunt.

Smoke Bomb-Chipotle Smoked Porter.   The peppers have a dark, dried fruit character that draws out the flavors of crystal malt, while the smokiness of the peppers adds depth and complexity to the smoked malt.   5.6% ABV,  29 IBU  Brewed by John Grant.

Mutual Assured Destruction.  A hoppy amber ale, loaded up Columbus, Falconer’s Flight and Amarillo hops throughout the boil and dry hop.  Brewed by Evan Brill and Ryann.

Cannonball Stout.  Oatmeal Stout with a thick, rich body that highlights chocolate, dark fruits and coffee notes accented by a smokey undercurrent. 6% ABV. Brewed by Ted Doll

Blueberry Wheat.  Wheat/Fruit Beer, IBU:  22.9, ABV:  6.7%. Brewed by Mike Pemberton.

Fizzy Whiz.  Vienna Ale/Lager, Malt, subtle hops with a crisp residual sweetness.  A great beer for sipping while playing catch in the backyard with your pooch. IBU: 20, ABV: 4.5 – 5% range. Brewed by Jason and Shannon Wommack, Dan Flaherty.

Pharoah’s Saison.  Citrus flavored Saison featuring Belma hops.  6% ABV. Brewed by Scott Richardson.

Shia LaRuff.  This American Brown Ale doesn’t let its dreams be dreams.  Brewed with hints of chocolate malt and  balanced with American hops.
5.9% ABV.  Brewed by Doug Godfrey and Drew Haycraft.

Ashbrooke APA.  American Pale Ale with toasted American malt, Columbus, Citra, and Galaxy hops.  ABV 4.3%.  Brewed by Jason Rosenberger

Farmhouse Saison.  Brewed in the spirit of Belgian farms using whatever malts would have been on hand at the time.  Barley, oats, wheat and rye fill the malt bill, while the Belgian saison yeast fills the palate with complex fruits and spices.  The Nelson Sauvin hops provide a light grape and white wine character to the finish.  5.9% ABV and 27 IBU.  Brewed by Christopher Owen.

Chocolate Indulgence.  Trappist style dubbel brewed with chocolate.  Complex fresh and dried fruit flavors, including apples, pears, berries and raisins, and light spices are complimented by rich, dark chocolate that is layered by using chocolate malts, real Belgian chocolate and cacao nibs.  6.8% ABV and 28 IBU.  Brewed by Christopher Owen.

Chardee MacDennis.  Irish Red Ale. Simple, well balanced Irish Red. 5.2% ABV – 25 IBUs. Brewed by Mike, Yvonne, and Everly Crepps.

IPA.  Hoppy delight to kick the keg.  If Scott’s beer is the first keg to blow he wins a prize, so drink this beer.  Brewed by Scott Mathis.