Falls City Brewing Co Expanded Line-Up of Beers 2016


Louisville Mayor Fischer and Brew Master Dylan Greenwood share a beer

The new lineup from Falls City Brewing Co. was unveiled today. The mayor stopped by the Falls City facility to help the launch. Mayor Fischer declared that today – March 1st as Falls City Beer Day in the city.

Master Brewer Dylan Greenwood announced that their new beer – Kentucky Common would be available year round. Additionally, there will be four new seasonal beers.

The first of which is the Easy Goer Session IPA. This is a lower alcohol IPA with Palisades, Amarillo, and Cascade hops, available April through August. It is 4.5% Alcohol By Volume and 45 International Bitterness Units.

The other seasonals will be Harvest Ale, available September through October; Red Rye Lager, available November through January; and Heather Ale, available February through March.

I was able to try the Kentucky Common and it was very easy to drink. It very well matched the Beer Judging Certification Program standards of what a Kentucky Common should taste like. Medium amber in color, moderately grainy/corn aroma with a medium sweet flavor. Bready, toffee notes and gentle carbonation. It finishes semi-dry and clean.

I can see this beer being popular with a wide variety of people. Folks looking for a unique/throwback style or those who want rich flavor but don’t want much bitterness. Falls City Kentucky Common is said to have 4.0% ABV and 20 IBUs.

The Harvest Ale will have barley, rye, corn, wheat, and oats and will be brewed with molasses and pecans. It will have 5.2 ABV and 24 IBUs.

The Red Rye Lager will have Munich and Caramel malts as well as rye and caraway seeds. It will be 4.5 ABV and 20 IBUs.

The Heather Ale is a Scottish ale brewed with heather tips. It will have 5.0% ABV and 18 IBUs.

I think it is fantastic that Falls City Brewing has expanded their beer portfolio. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Over the 9, the brewery’s restaurant/taproom will be serving Kentucky Common and Easy Goer, as well as their English Pale Ale and Hipster Repellant IPA, to the public starting Tuesday at 3:00pm.

They are located at 116 S. 10th Street, Louisville KY