Goodwood Brewing Company’s Soft Open

IMG_6238I apologize in advance. There will be no jokes here about wood being good, nor soft openings here. Just seeing my friends’ re-branded brewery come to fruition is all that was important tonight.

Goodwood opened the doors to their new and improved taproom this evening, gently kissing the BBC brand goodnight and wishing it well as they start fresh in the Louisville beer scene. Joel Halbleib (COO/Brewmaster), Phil Dearner (President), Ted Mitzlaff (CEO) and even our own Scott Lykins (Taproom Manager) were all smiles this evening as they re-opened the freshly renovated taproom. The rest of the Goodwood crew: Malcolm Casen (Brewer), Ryan Thiel (Brewery Controller), John Marcum (Packaging Director), Denise Ingle (Sales), Chris Hendrick (Everything), and Grant Schooley (Keg Wrassler) all seemed worn out but excited to see people in the taproom again. (Sorry Chad Orr, if you were there, I didn’t run into you!)

It seemed brighter and cheerier in the taproom, with the new windows, fresh paint, sanded floors, limestone-esque concrete floors and the new bar, even without the well-loved, yet dusty, Beer Museum. Ted Mitzlaff has the best quote in regards to the new look: “This ain’t your Grandfather’s taproom”.

The full lineup was not available on draft this evening, but patrons were able to sample the Goodwood Kentucky Pale Ale (KPA), Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale, and the three beers that aren’t changing too awful much from their BBC counterparts: Goodwood Louisville Lager, Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout and Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Ale. They also had 3 taps from our Lexington pals from Country Boy Brewing. I got there too late to try the KPA, but the Walnut Brown Ale was a nice departure from the tried and true BBC Nut Brown Ale. It was nuttier, roastier, had a great body, and will be one that I come back to often.

The new glassware was also a nice touch. The goblet the Bourbon Barrel Stout is served in, is comically large, and so heavy that I noticed Jason Lyvers’ drinking arm seemed a bit more muscular (it’s his left arm, next time you see him…you’ll notice too!). Cresant even needed a hand lifting hers up to her mouth. But seriously, it’s good to see proper glassware, other than Imperial Pints, not that there’s anything wrong with those. B3Q was there serving up some deliciously moist pulled pork BBQ (no moist jokes here, either).

I really felt a renewed energy in the ol’ taproom tonight, and it’s good to be home again at Goodwood.

Photos of Goodwood Brewing Company’s Soft Open