Episode 97: It’s Tim from Uinta Brewing…Dunn du du daaaah!

IMG_0094 (1)

John Wurth, Tim Owens from Uinta, and everyone’s pal, Scott Lykins.

First, I ask Scott about ascots, then Scott and I ask Tim Owens, from Utah’s Uinta Brewing, a ton or two of questions, like, “What the heck’s a Uinta?”, “How badly do people butcher the pronunciation of the brewery’s name?”, and “Why are you trying to get us drunk on these tasty beverages from your brewery?” Find out the answers to those hard-hitting questions, and then check out the LouisvilleBeer.com ascots for sale during Louisville Craft Beer Week.

Uinta drinkin' all these beers?

Uinta drinkin’ all these beers?

Speaking of Tim…where was Tim’s Beer Corner this week?





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