The Pretentious Beer Glass Company

Matt Cummings invited me to a tasting at his studio to try out his handmade mouth-blown glassware. I missed the event at Holy Grale a few weeks back, and really, I think I got a lot more out of the personal tasting with the artist/scientist behind this great glassware. I brought Cresant Smith (Great friend and writer) and Phil Dearner (Friend of and the Beerpimp for Bluegrass Brewing Company) along for the ride.

We brought along some howlers of BBC fresh from the taproom, and Matt generously gave us free reign of his leopard-print beer fridge (nice touch, Matt!). We tried multiple styles of beers from all of his glasses, and were impressed by all of them. We saw a few prototypes, and Matt helped us understand the process of making great glassware. My favorite of the bunch was the Aromatic Beer Glass with the mountain in the center of it. We left some Bourbon Barrel Stout in it during the tasting, and even after 20 minutes, the beer still had a nice layer of head on it, with the mountain peaking out of the dark stout. I couldn’t stop taking photos of it. I would love to try some bourbon out of this one too.

Phil couldn’t keep the Malty glass out of his hands. This glass had a great big opening to let even the biggest of noses smell the aroma of whatever beer was inside, and we tried quite a few out of it. We all agreed this glass would be great with any unfiltered beers, because the lower neck keeps the sediment out of your mouth. We also had an IPA out of this glass, and the aroma added so much great hop character. I think this glass would even make water taste better.

Cresant seemed to like the Dual glass. It was truly a piece of art. We mixed some pretty crazy concoctions in this glass. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and Guiness? Sure, why not! It wasn’t as odd as it sounds. Depending on which side of the glass you drank from, you’d get a little bit more from one side. So, if there was too much 90 Minute IPA in the last sip (blasphemy!), then switch sides and get a bit more Guiness next time. What a wonderful idea for a beer glass. I would love to have one or two in my collection.

The Hoppy beer glass was also a nice experience, the subtle tulip shape also opened the beer up with great aromas. The finger grips were also a nice touch. Cresant, however, didn’t think so, being left-handed and all. Phil suggested she just use the glass upside down.

Matt has an Etsy shop online, but I’m sure he’d love to set up an appointment to show you his wares. His studio is located at Mellwood Arts Center, and of course you can find him on Facebook.

Glassware and Descriptions

(Photos and text below from The Pretentious Beer Glass Company)