West Sixth Christmas Ale

Ben from West Sixth Brewing Company texted me as I was pulling two 20-pound turkeys off the smoker the day before Thanksgiving:

“Hey…are you around Louisville this afternoon? I got a couple of these Christmas Ale samples to drop off for you and I’m heading to Louisville now”

Uh…yes! Perfect timing – I was just getting into the Christmas spirit preparing our Thanksgiving meal. Having these beers in my beer fridge put me over the top. I’m belting out Christmas carols and breaking out my Santa suit, to replace that other suit that Scott mentions over and over on our podcast.

We just got back in from visiting my parents out of town, and were putting up the Christmas tree. The Chex Mix I had in the oven was filling the house with the smell of the season. I then remembered I had those beers downstairs to help fill me with holiday cheer. “Be right back, kids!”

I like beers that aren’t afraid of being off the chart flavor-wise. See: Against the Grain Get Your Southern Heart On, Country Boy’s Jalapeño Smoked Porter, Apocalypse Brew Works’ Watermelon Crack and Fallout Dust (pepper beer), Yazoo Sue, and anything else that ain’t skeered of being weird. And, I love Christmas beers, and this one was no different.

The beer pours a dark brown coffee color with a small tan head into my Pretentious Beer Glass Company Aromatic Glass. The nose was filled to the brim of the scents of Christmas: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, even some orange peel. A very sweet nose.

The mouthfeel was surprisingly thick, which I enjoyed. I expect beers like this to have some body to them. The carbonation was slight.

The taste wasn’t as overpowering as the nose. It was nice and malty but the spices weren’t as strong…they were there, but not too much. The 9% warmed me up after the third or fourth sip.

When you see this in stores, grab some. It hits shelves tomorrow (Dec. 2). It’s a terrific spiced Christmas Ale. Sure to be in my fridge every December.

This beer paired well with my warm Chex Mix. And the tree looks great. Thanks West Sixth. You saved Christmas.

6 packs will retail for $13.99.

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West Sixth Christmas Ale
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